Rose Apothecary - Lip Balm

Rose Apothecary - Lip Balm

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Flavour: Toasted Coconut

Please note that these lip balms are not tinted. You may see a hint of colour in some of them, but that is simply the natural colouring of the flavour oil. It will not transfer onto your lips through normal application. These are made to keep your lips nourished and soft (while you spend hours reading, or otherwise). Some lip balms might taste like the flavour oil, however, please avoid eating it. You may sneak in a few licks once you've applied it though :P.

These lip balms are hand-poured and made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients that are tested and are safe for skin application. Their shelf life is a maximum of 18 months since the date of purchase (as they are freshly made just for you).