Shop FAQs

Who makes the candles?

Every candle listed is handcrafted by me, Afia. You can find out a bit more about me and the shop’s story on the About page.

How long does shipping take?


Once you place your order, if I have the candles in stock, I will send it out within the week. However, if it is not already made, I could take up to 2 weeks to send it out. Depending on where you live, shipping can take up anywhere from 2-6 working days. Please keep a look out for shop announcements for current processing times.

How are items packaged?

 All candles are packed in bubble wrap to avoid dents and the boxes are filled with newspaper to provide extra padding. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will be estimated at checkout. Please note that I offer the cheapest available (that would also be safe for the candles) shipping. 

Do you provide a tracking ID?

Yes, I do provide a tracking IDs. The ID will be emailed to you once your order has been picked up by the courier service.

What if my item gets damaged?

I personally make sure that every product I send out is perfect (if you are worried about the wax, please refer to the section about the nature of candles).
However, if you receive a broken jar, please email me with a picture and I will replace it or issue a refund for the same.

If the package is visibly damaged, please do not accept the package from the delivery agent.

Do you guarantee delivery dates?

 No, unfortunately I cannot do so. However if you are ordering a birthday gift (I love birthdays!), please tell me 10 days in advance and I will try my best to send it out in time.

Do you ship internationally?

No, unfortunately I do not ship internationally. Yet.

Do you process returns or exchanges?

No, I do not process returns or exchanges.

Do you accept custom requests?

No, unfortunately, I do not accept custom requests regularly. However, I occasionally do announce a round of completely custom candles. Keep a lookout for my Instagram stories for if you're interested!

Do you accept bulk order requests?

 Yes, I accept bulk orders if they are made at least a month in advance since I am still a student. If you want the order to be a custom one, please inform me five weeks in advance for me to order the fragrances. I have separate prices for bulk orders, so please drop me an email for the same. I also do exclusive candles for subscription boxes.

Soy Candle FAQs

What sizes do you have available?

Most regularly, I have 7oz jars and 2oz tins available. Occasionally, I do release 4oz tins or jars as well. 

Why soy wax?

Soy wax has gained some popularity, especially with US candle-makers and the hand-crafted community, because it is all-natural (oil taken from soy beans) and often grown in the US. Soy is also great because it burns cleanly, lasts a long time, and is eco-friendly! It’s also really easy to clean in case of spills, or if you want to use your container for something else when your candle wax has all burned away! (Hot water and regular soap will clean up soy wax!)

What is frosting?

“Frosting” refers to little crystal-like structures that you see on soy wax candles on occasion. Frosting usually occurs during the cooling process or as a result of other things added to the wax (like dye), and can even result from just the wax itself and how it cools. Frosting is a natural occurrence in soy candles, especially with 100% soy wax. If you see any frosting on your candles, don’t worry! It’s totally natural and common in soy candles and won’t affect your burn or fragrance. Most of the time it’s from the way the wax melts and resets as it cools. Frosting and/or discoloration may also occur after burning a candle, especially with darker colored dyes. It all has to do with the way things heat up and then cool down again. It’s all natural with soy wax!

Do you have any candle burning tips?

Tins and jars can get warm when burning for an extended period of time. Keep your candle on a heat-resistant surface and away from kids/pets/flammable objects! I like to put candles on a coaster (marble, tile, ceramic, etc) if I know I’m burning for an extended period of time, just in case! My personal advice… please do not burn candles in your bookcases! If you’re using them for a photo, we as candle-makers will of course always advise caution but leaving a candle burning in/on your shelves is extremely dangerous (wood, paper… you know) and candles may damage that wood underneath, or heat given off from the candle may damage the shelves up above! Always allow wax to fully melt/pool to the outer edges (at least two hours) before blowing it out! Extinguishing too soon causes wax to tunnel (burn straight down) and then you’re missing out on so much candle! If you’re super quick with that Instagram photo and it’s only burning for a few minutes, that probably won’t cause tunneling but burning for only an hour at a time may start to set a pattern for your wax that you can’t get out of! I actually didn’t learn about this concept until I started making candles myself but it’s actually super important! Keeping your wick trimmed prevents all of that extra soot from flying around and sticking to the sides of your tin/jar. If your flame is dancing a lot, gets super tall, or forms a “mushroom” on the top, it’s best to blow out your candle, trim the wick, and relight. It’s also dangerous when flames get super tall (even though it looks kinda cool), especially if you’re burning near other objects. If you’re worried about tunneling, just blow out your candle, trim that wick really quickly, and light it back up so the wax doesn’t even cool! Wicks should be kept at around 1/4″ for best possible burning!